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  • It is I who owe you the thanks! You were so impressive today. The feedback I have gotten affirms that your presentations were well-received and fell on fertile ground. The special education It is I who owe you the thanks! You were so impressive today. The feedback I have gotten affirms that your presentations were well-received and fell on fertile ground. The special education assistants are better equipped to enter the classrooms and serve those individuals with disabilities in a more empowering way….and that is simply due to your ability to connect with your audience in a transparent and informative manner.

    Can’t wait to share these resources with others in our district. We have come so far in the last couple of years being a district that embraces “ALL” of our students and desires the best for each of them.

    - Pickens School District

  • I'm really enjoying being on the Able SC email list! Particularly since one of my former students is enjoying being so involved in Able-SC activities.

    I've seen her self-confidence grow by leaps and bounds as she has continued her growth to young adulthood working with your agency. I'm thrilled that she has found a place to "belong." So many of my students leave me at 21 and quickly become stagnant because of the lack of meaningful activities in their life after school. I'm encouraging ALL of my students to get involved with Able SC, even before they exit school.

    When I first started teaching the MID Transition class in 2003-2004, there were sooooo few agencies for me to get my students involved/connected with before/after they left [high school]. Fortunately, now there are several agencies I can steer my students toward. But no matter how much info. I provide my students, unfortunately their participation level boils down to how supportive their parents are.

    Thanks for keeping me so informed through your emails! I continue to pray for your agency's success, and for all of your staff and the remarkable persons with disabilities you serve.

    –Teacher Testimonial

  • I had the pleasure of speaking with Kat Tracy. She visited me yesterday…and I tell you, she is great! I am just so impressed with your services, period. Not only was she a great teacher, but she just makes you happy and it just delighted me. So I really, really appreciate it and I’m grateful.

    –Consumer Testimonial on Area Coordinator, Kat Tracy

  • I want to thank Chris for helping me learn more about myself through my disability and also want to thank all of my peers at the group meeting and wish them luck in the future. 

    –Consumer Testimonial on Independent Living Specialist, Chris Sparrow

  • This letter is to give my extraordinary compliments to the hard work put forth by LaQuanda Porchea.  Not only does she assist me in setting goals, she sees to it that I stick to them, something I desperately need during this time, since I tend to get side-tracked.

    She attends my conferences when I need a peer to help me advocate and gently points out what I may wish to do in the future. When I need a service which Able SC can provide, she’s right on it.  Another remarkable plus concerning LaQuanda is she’s personable.  She gives her experiences such that clients don’t feel as if s/he is/are alone. 

    -Consumer Testimonial on Lead ILS, LaQuanda Porchea

  • I got the chance to watch the videos and I think they are remarkable. They are very informative and very user friendly. Y’all did a grand job of putting these together.

    -Regarding Able SC's Healthcare Videos

  • I just watched the series of videos on Parenting with a Disability, and I want to congratulate Able South Carolina for producing such quality educational material. The videos are truly impressive, and I thank you for sharing this important work with all of us, through APRIL.

    -Regarding Able SC's Healthcare Video

  • I never realized how important it was for students to understand their disability and be an ‘expert’ on their disability. I have always felt ‘bad’ talking about their disability in from of them. Disability was a bad word. 

    - Empowering A Future Attendee

    It has encouraged me to encourage students to advocate more for themselves and learn more about their rights...

    - Empowering A Future Attendee

  • The conference provided excellent resources. I felt accepted by everyone. They saw me as a person first and then my disability second.

    -Mapping Your Future Student Attendee

    It made me proud of who I am.

    -Mapping Your Future Student Attendee

  • I wish we had known about this years ago and can’t wait to come to more and get more involved.

    -Mapping Your Future Parent Attendee

    It was a good conference and opened more opportunities to my family. It discussed more resources than I was aware of. I loved that he was able to have a gluten free lunch.

    -Mapping Your Future Parent Attendee

  • The thing I remember most from this conference is the panel of people who had disabilities that answered questions during the lunch session. In hearing them speak, it made me think about not being so quick to encourage students to opt for an occupational credential rather than a regular state diploma. I learned how much more important it is to have high expectations for all with disabilities, and to teach them the skills to be empowered and independent. This conference really made me think more about my role in this as a transition specialist.

    -Empowering A Future Attendee

  • Kat, thank you for being so kind, ready and willing to help me. I look forward to working with you and getting me back to my independence.

    - Consumer Testimonial on Area Coordinator, Kat Tracy

  • As a special educator and new leader in my district, this conference has provided me with valuable information to help provide more meaningful experiences for our transition-age students.

    -Empowering A Future Attendee

    I will be encouraging my students to be active participants and leaders in their IEP meetings.

    -Empowering A Future Attendee

  • It was quite helpful in many ways. My husband and I were encouraged with the resources available and learned a lot. We made some excellent contacts. My son was inspired by some of the people he met and it increased his pride and his hopefulness. I think it helped him with goals for the future. I wish all families could attend a conference like this!

    -Mapping Your Future Parent Attendee

  • Dear Jerri,

    It was such a pleasure to meet you last week at the Free To Be Me seminar! I had no idea that both Able and Family Connection were such powerful (and empowering) resources. I signed up to be on the Able email list, and look forward to staying in the loop. Thank you for what you do! It is a true ministry and calling, and I’m so thankful for you.

    -Seminar Participant

  • The emergency prepared[eness] training offered by Able SC prepared me for the 1000 year flood we recently experienced in Columbia SC. I equipped myself so well with the training, that I did not feel the anxiety I usually experience with my disability. Having all materials in the emergency bag, medicines and supplies I needed, helped me feel confident in my ability to survive during the emergency. Strategies, like being able to text to save battery when my phone was [almost] dead, and other tips were extremely helpful. Knowing that I could handle the situation on my own empowered me to be independent in the flood. I am very grateful for making the training available to me.

    Thank you.

    -Emergency Preparedness Program Participant

  • Dear Ms. Davison,

    I want to thank you and Able South Carolina so much for providing excellent training to the program providers of the Upstate Workforce Board, including: SC Works, Youth Stop, Res Care, Achieve, School staff, and SC Dept. of Employment and Workforce. You and Chris Sparrow did a superb job of making our training truly effective for everyone in the audience.

    What started at this training will open new doors to more understanding and opportunities to provide the best and most appropriate employment services to consumers who need them the most. I also believe we will have even more opportunities to train, not only service providers, but employers and CEO’s, so that we can become even stronger partners in the employment field. We look forward to continually working with you on the Disabilities Committee and thank you again for your help and support with the training.

    -Administrator, The Bryant Center, South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Kat,

    Thank you so much for helping make the SC Chapter of American Association for Service Coordinators a success! The wealth of information you have is incredible. Sharing your personal journey, experiences, and stories helped us to see even more how real and possible it is to live independently with disabilities. Continue to shine and keep on blessing others through your passion!

    Many Thanks.

    -The SC Chapter of AASC

  • Dear Rachel,

    WOW! What a great issue of Equip's newsletter! I'm so impressed with the great works that able SC is doing for persons with disabilities in our state! And so happy to know that one of my former students  is part of your organization. So many of my students leave the classroom and head to the couch in their living rooms. Sad to say, but so true. Knowing that able SC is out there to help them gives me hope for their futures. I am trying to get every one of my students (and their parents) to reach out and become involved with your organization. Keep up the GREAT work!

    -Teacher Testimonial

  • Able was VERY instrumental in providing service to me for my grandson during Hurricane Matthew. The employees were very concerned and courteous to us.

  • LaQuanda was perfect for my assignment. She exhibited confidence and professionalism. She was extremely knowledgeable and personable. She made me feel more confident about my abilities. What a great asset she is to your organization. 

    -Able SC Consumer on Lead ILS, LaQuanda Porchea