Asha Jones is an EQUIP leader at Able SC, and is currently studying biology and public health at Columbia College. Upon graduation, she aspires to have a career in public health focusing on meeting the health needs of minoritized populations including people with disabilities.

Asha is passionate about disability education because she wants other people with disabilities to take pride in and advocate for themselves. She also wants to make society more accepting and accessible as a whole.

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When are people with disabilities in SC getting the COVID vaccine?

Understandably, the question on everyone’s mind right now is: When can I get the COVID-19 vaccine? This post will attempt to break down who is included in which phases of the vaccine as clearly as possible, with you–the disability community–in mind.

Staying Safe in the Winter

While some of us may love the colder months, winter weather can bring safety dangers for all people, including people with disabilities.