Dave is a white man with salt and pepper hair and beard wearing a dark suit with yellow shirt and yellow and blue tie. He simles in front of greenery outside.

Dave Wheeler is the Community Training Coordinator for Able SC, based out of the Greenville office. Dave's responsibilities include providing outreach, training, and technical assistance to the community. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA, and his graduate degree included a full assistantship to the Sociology Department at Memphis State University, Memphis, TN.

He has worked in numerous industries from “No Collar” to “White Collar” and is currently working on receiving his certification as an ADA Coordinator. Dave lives in Williamston, SC where in his spare time he loves spending time with his wife Michele and their two grandchildren Carraghn and Isaiah, who they are raising.  Dave loves Punk Rock, movies, comic books, sci-fi, horror, and getting outside in any capacity. He has a wide sense of humor and loves to laugh. Dave studied acting under the late actor Red West. He says if you dig deep enough on the web you can find some of Dave’s work, including a TV Spec Pilot and an Infomercial.