Emily, a white woman with long brown hair standing outside and smiling in front of a monument.Emily Lundy

BSW Intern
Pronouns: She/her/hers

Emily Lundy is an intern at Able SC, located in Columbia. She is a Bachelor of Social Work Intern from USC. Emily has had many injuries from playing sports that led to periods of time of being picked on and called stereotypical names towards those with disabilities, "I began to insert myself into being more familiar with the community as well as what I can do to provide the resources needed for equality." Emily has ADHD, asthma, and early stages of diabetes. She graduated from Johns Creek High School while taking dual-enrollment courses through Georgia State University. She was a member of the National Art Honors Society in high school, and that led her to pursue a minor in 2D-Art in college.  Her volunteer experience with the disability community consists of working with Roswell Adaptive Sports, Mustard Seed Communities in Jamaica, as well as a youth group for the high school students with disabilities at her former church.

Emily loves animals and has two cats, Dakota and Iris, one dog, Layla, and a bearded dragon, Rocket. I she has also unofficially fostered 3 other animals!


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