Access Aisle Podcast

In a South Carolina over 10,000 days after the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, Able SC is excited to introduce the Access Aisle podcast. This one of a kind podcast will shine a spotlight on what real life with a disability is like through multiple segments meant to challenge, unify, and never ever inspire. Love it, like it, subscribe to it! Join us in the Access Aisle!

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Access Aisle Interviews

In each interview episode, our host will guide the exploration of a topic that has an impact on living with a disability in South Carolina. Sometimes it is a barrier for us to remove together and sometimes it is an issue that more of us need to know about. Whatever the topic, the Access Aisle features expert input from the disability community and/or from policymakers. Know the issues, get involved, catch our interview episodes!

The Access Aisle Interview Episodes & Transcripts

Access Aisle: Interview: Psychiatric Disabilities and Mental Health
Transcript: Psychiatric Disabilities and Mental Health

Access Aisle: Advocacy in Action with the League of Women Voters of South Carolina
Transcript: Advocacy in Action

Access Aisle: Disability Rights 2020
Transcript: Disability Rights 2020

Access Aisle Interview: Serving Veterans with Disabilities
Transcript: Serving Veterans with Disabilities

Access Aisle Interview: Drag Syndrome
Transcript: Drag Syndrome

Access Aisle Interview: Persons with Disabilities Right to Parent Act
Transcript: Persons with Disabilities Right to Parent Act

Access Aisle Interview: Dr. Lex Frieden
Transcript: Dr. Lex Frieden

Access Aisle Interview: Judy Heumann
Transcript: Judy Heumann

Access Aisle Interview: Advocacy in Gen Z
Transcript: Advocacy in Gen Z

Access Aisle Interview: Service Animals
Transcript: Service Animals

Access Aisle Interview: Employment in SC Episode Page
Transcript: Employment in SC

Access Aisle Interview: Transportation Options in SC Episode Page
Transcript: Transportation in SC

(Inspiration) Porn Clip of the Month

The (Inspiration) Porn Clip segment is not for the faint of heart. In each episode, our host dismantles an example of media designed to make those without disabilities (“normies”) feel warm and fuzzy at the expense of the disability community. Inspiration porn isn’t cute. It drives pity and preserves barriers to real equality. This is a great segment to share with a friend who just doesn’t get it (yet) and needs a clean dose of truth.

For an introduction to Inspiration Porn check out this TED Talk by Stella Young!

A pop-art cartoon of a woman gasping with a large speech bubble that says "(Inspiration) Porn Clip of the Month: A segment of the Access Aisle"

(Inspiration) Porn Clip Episodes and Transcripts

(Inspiration) Porn Clip: Kodi Lee
Transcript: Kodi Lee

(Inspiration) Porn Clip: Special Needs Proms Episode Page
Transcript: Special Needs Proms

Disability Service Announcement

What’s that you’ve been seeing in the news or on social media? Is it ableist? On this segment we take recent news and trending topics and dismantle the ableist ideology behind them! #HotTakes☕

The gray background with access aisle blue diagonal lines in a square, with the black text "A segment of the Access Aisle, By Able South Carolina". A loudspeaker is in the bottom left corner projecting a large speech bubble that says "Disability Service Announcement"

Disability Service Announcement: Blue Pumpkins
Transcript: Blue Pumpkins

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