Why Independent Living is Important

A poem by Equip leader Derrick Means.

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Make your plan to vote!

Have you made a plan for how you will vote, yet? You have several options this year for how to vote.

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Transcript: Interview: Psychiatric Disabilities and Mental Health

[music] 00:15 Laura: It has been 10,840 days since the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed and you are part in the Access Aisle. 00:24 Tiffany: And you are part…

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Youth Guide to Disability Rights in the Summer

By: Asha Jones, Equip Leader The Summer Series and the South Carolina Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) are summer programs offered by Able South Carolina in which young adults with disabilities…

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How to Boost Your Independent Living Skills and Have Fun During the Outbreak

By: Julia Hartman, Equip Leader On March 15th, 2020, South Carolina governor, Henry McMaster, announced that all schools will be closed for the last two weeks in March in efforts…

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Transcript: Advocacy in Action

Episode Transcript: [music] 00:14 Tiffany Namey: It has been 10,799 days since the ADA was passed, and you are parked in The Access Aisle. [music] 00:34 TN: My name is…

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Making Change in your Community

People with disabilities have been historically excluded from making decisions about our own lives. That is why it’s very important for us to make sure our voices are recognized.

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Transcript: Interview: Serving Veterans with Disabilities

Boris Klaric: Good morning, everybody. Thanks for joining us for another episode of the Access Aisle. As always, my name is Boris Klaric, and joining with me today is US…

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Say No to Blue this Halloween

This Halloween, parents of children with autism are being encouraged via social media to send their children off with blue trick-or-treat buckets or a bag with a puzzle piece. The blue bucket or bag is meant to signal to the general public that the individual has autism and is nonverbal. The push for disability disclosure is problematic for several reasons.

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Interacting with Individuals with Disabilities: The Do’s and Don’t’s

Do Not: Address just the care assistant, friend, partner, or interpreter. Do: Address the individual with the disability.

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