Able South Carolina Records for StoryCorps, 2024

In April of 2024 we had the opportunity to record a session between our CEO and President, Kimberly Tissot, Senior Director of Community Education, Dori Tempio, and VP and Chief Public Relations Officer, Mary Alex Kopp, with StoryCorps. StoryCorps is, “an American non-profit organization which aims to record, preserve, and share the stories of Americans from all backgrounds and beliefs. Its mission statement is “to help us believe in each other by illuminating the humanity and possibility in us all—one story at a time”.”

After stepping and rolling into the recording “Airstream” with StoryCorps, we captured the story of Independent Living in South Carolina, what it means to be disabled, and have disability pride. The conversation covered ableism, disability justice, equity, and what we hope future generations who find our recording in the Library of Congress can take away from the stories of the past.

Listen to the 45 minute recording at the StoryCorps website, or use the embedded tool below.

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