South Carolina Disability Employment Awareness Month 2021 Proclamation

South Carolina Disability Employment Awareness Month 2021 Governor’s Proclamation

State of South Carolina Governor's Proclamation: WHEREAS, South Carolinians with disabilities have the same aspirations to competitively work and contribute to their communities as everyone else; and WHEREAS, business and community leaders have called for a diverse and capable work force to further advance the economy of the Palmetto State; and WHEREAS, the support and cooperation of all people are needed to reduce the attitudinal and physical barriers that hinder full acceptance of people with disabilities and their rightful place in employment; and WHEREAS, Employment First, that employment in the general workforce is the first and preferred outcome in the provision of publicly funded services for all working age citizens with disabilities regardless of level of disability, is implemented in all areas of service provision and delivery for people with disabilities; and WHEREAS, National Disability Employment Awareness Month recognizes that individuals with disabilities are capable, contributing members of society worthy of full access and inclusion in South Carolina’s workforce. NOW, THEREFORE, I, Henry McMaster, Governor of the great State of South Carolina, do hereby proclaim October 2021 as DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT AWARENESS MONTH throughout the state and encourage all South Carolinians to work together to advance the message that people with disabilities are equal to the task. Henry McMaster [signature] Governor, State of South Carolina. Executive Department seal.
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