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Are you ready to empower individuals with disabilities to live active, self-determined lives? If so, please consider viewing our current employment and volunteer opportunities. The majority of our staff and board of directors are individuals with disabilities, so we didn’t just learn our mission, we live it every day!

Pickens School District

It is I who owe you the thanks! You were so impressive today. The feedback I have gotten affirms that your presentations were well-received and fell on fertile ground. The special education assistants are better equipped to enter the classrooms and serve those individuals with disabilities in a more empowering way….and that is simply due to your ability to connect with your audience in a transparent and informative manner.

Can’t wait to share these resources with others in our district. We have come so far in the last couple of years being a district that embraces “ALL” of our students and desires the best for each of them.

Teacher Testimonial

I’m really enjoying being on the Able SC email list! Particularly since one of my former students is enjoying being so involved in Able-SC activities.

I’ve seen her self-confidence grow by leaps and bounds as she has continued her growth to young adulthood working with your agency. I’m thrilled that she has found a place to “belong.” So many of my students leave me at 21 and quickly become stagnant because of the lack of meaningful activities in their life after school. I’m encouraging ALL of my students to get involved with Able SC, even before they exit school.

Consumer Testimonial

This letter is to give my extraordinary compliments to the hard work put forth by LaQuanda Porchea.  Not only does she assist me in setting goals, she sees to it that I stick to them, something I desperately need during this time, since I tend to get side-tracked.

She attends my conferences when I need a peer to help me advocate and gently points out what I may wish to do in the future. When I need a service which Able SC can provide, she’s right on it.  Another remarkable plus concerning LaQuanda is she’s personable.  She gives her experiences such that clients don’t feel as if s/he is/are alone. 

Peer Support

Our Peer Supporters offer valuable life experience and companionship to encourage new ideas and facilitate independence. Able SC holds regular Peer Support Groups both in-person in small groups or virtually, for those interested in engaging with others. 
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We are at the forefront of activism and thought leadership issues affecting people with disabilities. We provide a variety of training programs to educate and assist the community in disability accommodation and awareness.