Able SC Preparedness, Response & Recovery Services

Able SC assists all people with disabilities prepare for emergency disasters (such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc.), get the resources they need during a disaster, and recover as quickly as possible afterward. Services offered include the following:

  • Preparedness Services
    • Provide Emergency Preparedness Trainings to the disability community
    • Provide annual Emergency Preparedness Training for staff
    • Stakeholder Trainings and Collaboration
    • Partnership with SC Centers for Independent Living and other organizations serving people with disabilities.
  • Response Services
    • Provide durable medical equipment (canes, walkers, AT chargers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, accessible cots, etc.) of items that were lost or damaged during the emergency.
    • Advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities in emergency shelters and other locations. This includes advocating for equal access to all shelter activities and amenities, including communication, food, sleeping, bedding, etc.
    • Visit shelters to assess for needs of survivors with disabilities, arrange services, and provide I&R.
    • Navigate FEMA, American Red Cross, Portlight Strategies, and other Emergency Services, including providing assistance with FEMA or Red Cross applications.
    • Information and Referral
  • Recovery Services
    • Assists with transitioning back home from shelters.

Able SC also advocates for effective communication via the media during disasters. Please review our Inclusive Emergency Communication Checklist for the media, state and local government, and visit the Southeast ADA Emergency & Severe Weather Resources page for more information.

To learn more about our emergency services, please contact us at