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Able SC Youth Services

The transition to adulthood for youth with disabilities can be complicated. As an organization staffed and board-directed by a majority of people with disabilities ourselves, we understand the needs of youth, their families, and the professionals supporting them in ways that other agencies may not. Below are some descriptions and links to our programs related to supporting youth.

Young white student with disabilities works on a worksheet with Able SC staff member, Troy Hall. Troy is a white man with glasses. They are both wearing facemasks and casual clothing in a classroom setting.
  • School-Based Programs

Capable & Ready!

Schools across the state have teamed up with Able South Carolina and SC Vocational Rehabilitation to be a part of an exclusive free program called Capable & Ready. Students will learn how to advocate for their needs, practice work readiness skills, build money management knowledge, and explore education and training paths after high school. These 45-minute lessons can be virtual or in person and happen during the school day with teacher support.

Equip Club

Our Equip Club is a school club modeled after our statewide program run by elected student leaders called Equip Club Officers. These Officers receive advocacy, presenting, group leadership, and community-building training from our statewide Equip Leaders. They then put these skills to work by leading customizable lessons on Self-Advocacy, Disability Pride & Rights, Work Readiness, Goal Setting, and Post-Secondary Exploration.

The Equip Club is founded on the same principles that make the Equip Leadership Group successful. We provide young adults with disabilities the opportunity to build their leadership skills, learn from each other, set goals for their future, and support the communities around them.

Equip Club is flexible- combine classes or run them separately throughout the day. Lessons can even be customized to run during or after school. Whatever works best for your students and teachers!

If you are interested in setting up an Equip Club program, like they did at District 5 of Lexington and Richland Counties, Able SC would be happy to discuss how it works with you! Even if just a few classes try out, Able SC would love to partner to get it started!

  • Contact Michael Hanna with any questions through the equip@able-sc.org email address to get started setting up an Equip Club at your school!

Middle School Services

Learning the skills to address bullying, develop disability pride, and social-emotional learning is essential for young students with disabilities. Able South Carolina has partnered with the Department of Education to work with Middle Schools across the state to help develop these skills through fun and interactive in-school activities facilitated by skilled professionals. We can meet for a large one-time event with the whole school or weekly sessions with specific classes.

Diverse youth with disabilities and staff pose with frozen ice treats by a food truck outside.

Social and Leadership Programs

Equip Leadership

Equip is a peer-to-peer young adult leadership group focused on empowerment, support, and camaraderie for youth ages 13-28 with disabilities. Our young adult leaders guide youth with every type of disability in finding their a-ha moment—when they take charge of their lives, find their unique voice to self-advocate, and engage with their community of peers more fully. Learn more about Equip at this page.

For more information on how to get involved in Equip, contact 800-681-6805 or email equip@able-sc.org.

Equip Monthly Hangouts

Equip Online Hangouts are the first and third Thursday of the month in the evenings, 6-7 pm. We meet in-person and online, depending on the schedule set by our participants. Register to join - Registration Form

Summer Series

Equip Summer Series is a week-long program in June designed to empower youth with disabilities (ages 13 to 28) through teaching self-advocacy skills, communication skills, setting short and long term goals, and independent living skills in order to promote activism in the community.

Youth Leadership Forum

The South Carolina Youth Leadership Forum is a 4-day-3-night leadership experience for youth with disabilities. Selected youth will stay on a South Carolina college campus and learn about self-advocacy, build leadership skills, and get to interact with other youth with disabilities from across the entire state. The event is typically held in July, with the location subject to change. To be eligible to apply, youth must:

  1. Live in South Carolina
  2. Be between the age of 15-23
  3. Have a disability
  4. Show leadership experience or potential at home, in school, or in the community.
  • For more information or to apply*, please visit: www.scylf.org
    • *Applications for the event typically open around the beginning of February each year.
  • If you have additional questions or would like to request a paper version of the application, please contact: ylf@able-sc.org

Additional Support

Young white disabled student wearing a facemask working on a 'Smart Goals' worksheet.

Peer Support for Independent Living and Individualized Goals

Details coming soon!

Professional Development and Training for Teachers

Able South Carolina can help teachers learn about new assistive technology, hidden community resources, and disability law and policy changes that can give the students they serve the advantage they need to reach their goals of independence. Additionally, we can boost teachers’ knowledge of the principles of universal design, classroom and lesson accessibility, and how to create an effective student-led IEP. Training can be virtual or in person and for small or large groups!

Educational Advocacy and Support for Youth

Navigating 504s, IEPs, and public school settings can be a challenge when a student’s accommodations aren’t being honored. If you aren’t sure what your rights are or just want to create a positive partnership with your student’s teachers and school staff, please reach out to Able South Carolina so we can tell what the law says, give some advice on how to advocate effectively, and connect you to other community resources so that you can ensure your youth has everything they need to succeed in school.

Supported Decision Making

Staff at Able South Carolina understand that planning for the future can be scary, and we are here to help! We recognize that every person needs support in life, not just those with disabilities. We are also aware that very little information is available about alternatives to guardianship agreements that restrict a person’s independence. Supported Decision Making is a recognized alternative to guardianship that allows an individual to select “Supporters” that can help make big decisions while still maintaining their legal right to decision-making and a sense of personal independence.

  • Visit our website to learn more about Supported Decision Making.
  • If you have any questions* about alternatives to guardianship or Supported Decision Making, please contact youthteam@able-sc.org
    • *Please note, we can talk about alternatives to guardianship and provide resources, but cannot provide legal advice.