Access South Carolina Information Technology (ASCIT)

Join us for the 3rd annual ASCIT Digital Accessibility Conference on September 13, 2022.

Access South Carolina IT is a program centered on the accessibility of electronic and information technology. ASCIT has its origins in the 2000 Appropriations Bill passed by the General Assembly where it obtained funds to create accessible computer workstations across South Carolina. Since that time, ASCIT has evolved into a network of state agencies, universities, and many others with a commitment to accessibility of information technology in South Carolina.

ASCIT joined Able South Carolina as a program in October of 2016. Able SC and ASCIT focus on the following goals in accordance with Able SC’s mission with a focus on accessible communication:

  • Providing training and networking opportunities for IT professionals and enthusiasts to increase accessibility of their online content
  • Developing and sharing resources on best practices for IT and online resource content development
  • Share information and resources to members and other interested individuals about trainings and tools provided by other entities
  • Providing technical assistance to organizations to increase accessibility of online content through web testing and consulting

For more information or to request a quote for a website assessment, please contact us at or 800.681.6805.

Information on ASCIT and its activities can be found on the ASCIT website.