An outdated term

A new national poll finds that many Americans see nothing wrong with using the “R-word”. In fact, almost all of the people polled said that they had heard someone refer to another person using the R-word, half of the time in reference to a person with an intellectual disability. About 50 percent said they felt bad or sorry for the person of the attack. In that case, where people reported hearing a person called the R word. Likewise, women were more likely than men to speak up.

Therefore the Poll says that there has been little change in American habits. The survey found that 27 percent of teens and 38 percent of adults agreed that there was nothing wrong with using the R-word. And, the adults of today are more likely to say that they have heard someone called someone else the R-word than a year ago. Meanwhile, 91 percent of teens said it as much, it is down from 95 percent in 2008.

However, teens are starting to use the word less. It is down 9 percent from ten years ago, I think people should stop using the R-word because it makes people with disabilities feel like there are not part of the group, because the word does not describe the person. The word would make he or she feel less of themselves. Furthermore, when someone said the R word it will be sending a message to everyone that it is OK to use the word. And even if you do not say it to someone with a disability. The word will always be referring to someone who has a disability.

By, Alex Cano

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