MB voter wants everyone who is disabled to know ‘their voice matters’ this election

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WPDE) — Voters with disabilities want their voices heard and that’s not always easy.

One Horry County voter with a disability said there’s a lot riding on this upcoming election for those in her community.

“I think about my future when it comes down to it,” said Danielle Kitrilakis.

She said she’s elevating the voices of people with disabilities this year at the ballot box.

“They’re not giving us an equal perspective,” Kitrilakis said.

Kitrilakis lives with Down Syndrome and is active in the Horry County Special Olympics community.

“We do have our own voice. I think of our future in so many ways,” she said.

Kitrilakis shared that’s why she voted so politicians running for office pay attention to important issues, especially ones that may impact the disabled community.

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