South Carolina Must Abolish ‘Subminimum’ Wage

The federal minimum wage is a hot topic of discussion in the offices of political leaders and at family dinner tables. Yet the wage gap doesn’t start at $7.25 an hour, but lower. That’s because people with disabilities are subject to a draconian practice called “subminimum wage.” Thankfully, this practice could end should a joint resolution (S. 533), a bill to end subminimum wage in South Carolina, receive the YES vote it deserves on the floor of the House of Representatives in the coming weeks. South Carolina could become the third state in the southeast following North Carolina and Tennessee, and the fourteenth state in the nation, to end subminimum wage.

Read our full op-ed in FITSnews:

Photograph of South Carolina State House in the background behind a hand holding a button that reads 'End subminimum wage,' with the hire me sc logo, in the foreground.
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