Tragic death of man with psychiatric disabilities by improperly trained staff

This weekend, The State reported that William Avant, a man with psychiatric disabilities, was tragically suffocated to death by mental health staffers who restrained him. At Able South Carolina we are appalled to hear of this fatal mistreatment of an individual by the professionals who are trusted to provide care.

“This is just another example of how restraints are just wrong” said Kimberly Tissot, Able SC’s executive director. “Restraints remain highly controversial and are dangerous measures used towards individuals with disabilities. When someone is restrained, its completely against their will and can often cause serious injury or death. Just like anyone– individuals with psychiatric disabilities deserve to be treated with care in a safe environment. Mr. Avant’s death was completely preventable.”

Able SC sends our heartfelt condolences to the Avant family. We will not forget Mr. Avant as we continue to advocate for the rights of all individuals with disabilities.

Photo of William Avant, smiling.
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