Empowering Access Through Technology: A Virtual Conference on Digital Accessibility

The Empowering Access through Technology conference will focus on how to make sure people with and without disabilities can access your online content.

The COMET and Able SC debut two new mobility programs for seniors and people with disabilities

The Volunteer Transportation Reimbursement Program (V-TRIP)​ and Taxi Voucher Pick Up Program (PUP) were developed through a partnership with Able SC. Eligibility for both programs is available for people who are 65 and older and those with disabilities living outside The COMET service area but in the Columbia Urbanized Area.

How this SC town is making sure accessibility at home is no longer a problem

When Mary Maher and Steve Griffin built their Surfside Beach home in 1998, they didn’t think about needing a lift to get into the raised house. But last winter, Griffin suffered a fall that made them think again.

Apps for Independence (Virtual Consumer Training)

Apps that can help people with disabilities build independence.

Transcript: Interview: Serving Veterans with Disabilities

Boris Klaric: Good morning, everybody. Thanks for joining us for another episode of the Access Aisle. As always, my name is Boris Klaric, and joining with me today is US…

Accessible Fashion Tips

Tips for finding accessible fashion by EQUIP Leader Julia Hartman.