Alie Springgate

Director of Advocacy
864-235-1421 ext. 143
Greenville Office
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Alie is passionate about empowering others to use their unique strengths and personality traits in the context of disability rights and advocacy. As someone who loves to learn new things herself, Alie -believes each person is on an individual journey of learning, self-realization, and growth; Alie thoroughly enjoys coming alongside others as a supporter and encourager! She especially enjoys showing others how disabilities can be an asset and a strength. Although Alie used to perceive her diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder as a limitation and a barrier in the past, she now believes that it has made her a fuller, brighter person with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for making things right!

Alie has a Bachelor's in Secondary English Education from Anderson University and a Master's in Social Work from Walden University. Her experience working in the field of education in varying capacities has developed the professional strengths, knowledge, and passions that have bolstered her career in disability rights advocacy.

Outside of work, Alie enjoys writing music and poetry, watching scary movies, and hanging out with her husband, toddler, baby, and three cats. Alie loves being outdoors and drinking over-priced lattes.


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