Bauer is a white man with short brown hair and brown beard. He is wearing a sage collared shirt. He is smiling at the camera, standing in front of greenery.

Bauer is the Work Incentives Coordinator for Able SC. In this role, he works directly with consumers to support them as they navigate independent living. This includes providing information and referral services, working one-on-one to teach independent living skills, delivering consumer group trainings, and providing outreach to the community. Bauer also supervises and manages volunteers in the Columbia Office.

Bauer worked as a receptionist for a nonprofit mail-order pharmacy for 13 years before joining Able SC. When not in the office, Bauer enjoys trips to the mountain and the beach with his wife, Sarah, or relaxing at home with their cat Morgan.

In 2019, Bauer premiered on the Trustus Theater stage in a play, Cost of Living, which tells the story of people with disabilities.