Holden is a white man with brown hair and beard. He is wearing a gray collared shirt with blue dots and smiling in front of greenery outside.Holden Roberts

Equip Leader


Pronouns: He/Him/His

As an Equip Leader, Holden develops, hosts, and assists with programs for youth with disabilities in order to teach essential living skills, encourage interdependence, and connect youth with disabilities with their community of peers like them. He holds an active role in Equip’s mission to empower youth in the community.

Knowing he is working to help others is important to Holden. That’s what keeps him going every day. He's always strived for equality and including intersectionality in activism and working within the disability rights community has helped him put those into practice. Holden is a person with autism, something he found out at 16. Holden was homeschooled throughout his childhood years. In the process, he learned about java programming, graphic design, and game mechanics design through courses by Youth Digital. He's also taken an advanced course in WWII history through the Great Courses (now called Wondrium), and is certified to teach about the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as completed a curriculum in Supported Decision Making which qualifies him to teach his peers about the topic. He has experience working with nonprofits prior to Able. From age 16-18 he volunteered at his local animal shelter. Holden likes to play chess, write stories (one over 50k words long!) and enjoys both playing and modding video games. He has a fascination with game mechanics, democracy, graphing data, and history.

In addition to being an Equip Leader, Holden is also a youth ambassador for the Center for Youth Voice Youth Choice, an Alumni Representative for AYLF, and a volunteer for the Harvest Hope Food Bank. He is also a part of the AmeriCorps program. And is seeking to use the education fund reward from his service there to get a degree in Social Work, which is his dream for the future.


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