Photo of Jayden, a white person with glasses and guage earrings. Their hair is cropped on one side and the other side is longer to their chin and dyed purple. They are smiling outside in front of greenery.Jayden Sterling

Independent Living Specialist
864-235-1421 ext. 142
Greenville Office
Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

Jayden is an Independent Living Specialist at Able SC’s Greenville office. As an Autistic person, Jayden enjoys getting to connect with other people with disabilities while empowering them to take agency over their own life and improve the skills necessary to live independently. Jayden is passionate about destroying societal stereotypes surrounding disability and helping others realize that with the proper support and accommodations, people with disabilities can do so much more than people often give them credit for.

Jayden earned their M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from Columbia College where their research focused on college students with disabilities’ perceptions of support from their college or university during the Covid-19 pandemic. They also hold a B.S. in Experimental Psychology from the University of South Carolina Upstate. Prior to joining the team at Able SC, Jayden spent six years working for a university office of disability services.

In their free time, Jayden enjoys playing old Pokémon games on their Nintendo DS, cross-stitching, solving puzzles and “brain games,” and being a servant to their Persian cat.


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