Photo of Keri, a white person with short blonde hair and glasses wearing a green top. They have a floral sleeve tattoo on their left arm. They are smiling outside in front of greenery.Keri Driggers

Community Training Coordinator
Greenville Office
Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

As the Community Training Coordinator, Keri Driggers mixes their passion, knowledge, and experience in advocacy with Able SC’s wealth of expertise to bring disability pride and culture to the nation, state, and local area of Greenville, SC. Keri provides outreach, training, and technical assistance to the community, assists consumers with their employment goals, and advocates for their rights.

Originally from a small town in South Carolina, Keri moved to the Upstate in 2007 to attend school and gain more independence in their life. Keri likes to say that they took the “long way around” to completing their degree from the University of South Carolina Upstate in Nonprofit Administration and Psychology after trying out several majors and various universities. It wasn’t until Keri started working for a local group home that they discovered the beautiful complexity of working in the nonprofit world. They are an avid supporter of the nonprofit field and always say that organizations in this field do the “heart work” that is necessary to create a better world for all people.

Prior to coming to Able South Carolina, Keri worked with children involved in the foster care system, LGBT+ businesses in the Upstate (as a co-founder of the new LGBT Chamber of Commerce in the Upstate), the justice-involved, women who are recovering from drug addictions, veterans, and those with psychiatric disabilities.

After decades of fighting for their own rights and needs in places of employment, Keri is ecstatic to bring education and exposure to businesses and organizations around the country.


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