Photo of Sun, a Korean-American person with cropped black hair with gold highlights. They are smiling outside in front of greenery.Sun Smith

Youth Transition Specialist
Greenville Office
Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

Sun joined the Able SC team in 2023 as a Youth Transition Specialist. In this role, they support high school students with disabilities to prepare for life beyond high school. Sun believes that every person deserves a quality education and a vibrant life. They're passionate about supporting folx with intersectional identities in building a grounded and exciting life.

Before joining Able, Sun worked in alternative education roles learning and teaching about environmental and art-based education. They feel strongly that education needs to be accessible for everyone, and that individualized curriculum inspires students to deepen their learning.

In their free time, Sun works on paintings and digital art, storytelling, connecting with friends, and spending time with family.


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